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Nana Knows

If you’ve ever looked for storybooks to help share a sensitive subject as in what is it like living with a disability to your child, you know how hard they can be to find! Nana Knows is a true-to-life series inviting children into a safe place to ask questions and receive answers they will understand. In the story, the neighborhood Nana is disabled yet very wise and compassionate welcomes any of the children to visit for milk and cookies.

During their visit, Nana notices one of the twins (Bobby) has tears and the other twin (Bella) is angry. Nana offers the children their special beanbags to share what has happened. The twins start to fidget and say it was really nothing, it happens all the time. Jill the cat, moves quietly to Bobby’s lap and promptly falls asleep purring. Jack, Nana’s special dog never leaves Nana’s side. He is the protector of the safe place and Nana. Nana observes the children’s reluctance to talk about what is bothering them. Nana tells a short story leading to the children feeling safe to talk about what is occurring at home. With Nana’s help, talking about it and asking questions the twins eyes are opened to why and how they can help. Re-affirming how much mom still and will always love them; the twins are transformed with understanding and acceptance. They rush home right away forgetting their milk and cookies. Jack and Jill share their thoughts with Nana.

Nana Knows, A Helping Hands with PTSD provides powerful life lessons to younger audiences via the vehicle of entertainment. Imagine doing just that with your children and grandchildren while reading this book together! Anita Miranda not only tells an appealing narrative, but she also provides valuable teaching techniques and follow-up questions to share with your child.


  1. Living with a PTSD Parent
  2. Living with a Depressed Parent
  3. Living with a Wheelchair in the House
  4. Living with a Blind Sibling
  5. Living with an Autistic Sibling
  6. Living with a Diabetic Family Member
  7. Living with Obesity
  8. Living with ALS Parent
  9. Living with a Loss of a Limb
  10. Living with a Cutter Borderline Personality
  11. Bonus:  Behind Closed Doors (Dealing with Abuse)