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Nana Knows: Nana’s Helping Hand With PTSD – Explaining PTSD to Children

Growing up and learning the facts of life, children of PTSD parents can struggle for a lifetime, having had their developmental years marred by confusion and grief. Lack of open communication from a child’s point of view may lead to costly therapy and the future expenses of children damaged by PTSD as in broken homes, toxic relationships, and poor life choices.

Through the authorial voice of Navy Veteran Anita Miranda, “Nana’s Helping Hand with PTSD” presents a uniquely nurturing perspective as Anita shares her journey from active duty in the United States military and as a civilian on the family impact of PTSD. This ground- breaking beautifully illustrated resourceful guide allows parents and caregivers to empower their children with invaluable defenses against the negative life-altering impact of children with PTSD parents.

Parents who are educated about the effects of PTSD and learn the facts can give their children correct information and clear up any misconceptions. As a role model for your children, and your views on PTSD and it’s symptoms may strongly influence how they react and cope. If you’ve ever looked for family storybooks to help share a sensitive subject living with a disability to your child, you know how hard they can be to find.

Nana Knows is a true-to-life series inviting children into a safe place to ask questions and receive answers they will understand. In the story, the neighborhood Nana is disabled, yet very wise and compassionate. She welcomes any of the children to visit for milk and cookies. What they leave with is coping skills leading to the release of blame, guilt and feeling helpless.

Twins Bobby and Bella show up distraught on Nana’s doorstep one afternoon, shocked at their mother’s behavior and feeling like their mother no longer loves them. They feel that they did something wrong. Nana ushers them in for their traditional milk and cookies, but when the twins refuse, she offers a listening ear and a helping hand. Can she help the twins understand their mother’s PTSD?

Nana Knows, A Helping Hands with PTSD provides powerful life lessons to younger and all audiences via the vehicle of entertainment. Imagine doing just that with your children and grandchildren while reading this book together! Anita Miranda not only tells an appealing narrative, but she also provides valuable teaching techniques and follow-up questions to share with your child. The first in the series covers PTSD and is available in paperback, Kindle, hardcover, audio and animated video versions.  The Spanish version will be released soon.

Make sure and check out the interactive workbook to help your family grasp the complexity of PTSD from a child’s view.

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